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About Commission To Every Nation

672 Missionaries Serving in 59 Countries

The harvest is ripe but the laborers are still few!

Commission To Every Nation (CTEN) is an interdenominational missionary sending agency which seeks to assist ordinary people to accomplish the extraordinary for His glory (much like Hudson Taylor’s vision for hundreds of missionaries to serve in inland China)!

While many agencies recruit missionaries to help accomplish the goal of the agency, CTEN exists to serve the missionary and help them in the ministry God has led them.

Each CTEN missionary relates directly to a pastoral care couple that regularly stays in touch with them, prays with them and visits them on the field to ensure the spiritual health of the missionary and their family. CTEN handles financial accountability, tax receipting, and the missionary’s newsletters.

CTEN is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and has the highest possible rating with Charity Navigator.

When Margaret and I joined CTEN in 2013, the mission had 457 missionaries; currently it has 672 missionaries serving in 59 nations. Twenty-eight (28) CTEN missionaries serve in the Philippines.

CTEN conducts a three-day orientation four times yearly for new missionaries.  Go to for more information.


Enjoying Great Art

Margaret and I as Christians have always enjoyed great art. One of our favorite painters is Sir Samuel Luke Fildes.

He was born in Liverpool in 1844 and was an orphan. Later he was adopted and became a well-known portrait painter.

However, he gave up painting the rich and famous, such as the Queen, and began to paint the houseless and hungry plight of the homeless.

Luke Fildes was asked to provide an illustration to accompany an article on the Houseless Poor Act, a new measure that allowed some of those people out of work to shelter for a night in the casual ward of a workhouse. The picture produced by Fildes showed a line of homeless people applying for tickets to stay overnight in the workhouse.

The wood-engraving, entitled Houseless and Hungry, was seen by John Everett Millais, who brought it to the attention of Charles Dickens; Dickens was so impressed that he immediately commissioned Fildes to illustrate The Mystery of Edwin Drood (a book Dickens never finished as he died while writing it).

One of his famous paintings of the poor is, The Village Wedding. Margaret purchased a color print of the painting (from China) as a birthday gift for me. It now hangs in our living room. I first saw a black and white print in Canada years ago and liked it very much.

Fildes’ first son, Philip, died of tuberculosis in 1877. The image of the doctor at his son’s side during the ordeal left a lasting memory of professional devotion that inspired Fildes’ 1891 work The Doctor. His later son, Sir Paul Fildes, was an eminent scientist.

Sir Luke Fildes was knighted in 1906 by King Edward VII.

Double Barrel: Sharing the Gospel with an Atheist and a Hindu at the Same Time!

I was at the Post Office, which is always very busy, and on this day, there were about 25 people in line to get customer service. People seemed to be in a grumpy mood as there were only 2 to 5 clerks at the counter.

When I got near to the head of the line, I spoke to an Indian Hindu gentleman from northern India who was very shy. He had only been in the States for a few months and as I chatted with him for a few minutes, the large man behind me asked, “Are you some kind of a preacher or something?”

I was surprised by his question, but said, “I do speak from the Word of God from time to time.”

The large man almost stopped me in mid-sentence with the response, “I was a Christian, but now I’m an atheist.”

I quickly answered to my own amazement, “Oh, that’s too bad. The Bible says if you knew God and turn away from Him, there is no hope.”

He was shocked at my answer and said, “I don’t have anything to do with the Catholic church now, but I know a Catholic priest in Bangkok who works amongst the poor, and he is a good man.”

I continued, “The Bible says about Jesus that He went about doing good. For Jesus, doing good showed He was a godly man, but because of His miracles and His messages He showed He was the Messiah sent from God. He taught something very special. All of us are good, but goodness does not get us to heaven. Jesus said, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (goes to Heaven) except through Me.’”

It was amazing the man behind me did not interrupt me; however, I noticed the Hindu man leaned closer and closer to hear more.

After I briefly shared the gospel, a clerk said, “Next,” and the Hindu man went up to the counter. The conversation then ended as I was next in line.

It was amazing to me to have this very short conversation. Margaret and I pray each morning to be kind, loving and considerate to others. These traits are helpful, but they are not the Gospel. I prayed specifically that morning before going on errands, that the Lord would help me with my shyness and fear and actually share the Gospel with someone.

My, oh my! He certainly answered! May our wonderful Lord’s Name be praised!

A Few Suggestions Regarding “One Aspect” of the Job Description/Responsibilities of Church Mission Committee/Council Members

Dear Mission Pastors and Church Mission Council Members,

Hello friends. Thank you for your concern for missions and worldwide out reach of the Gospel. May our Lord be praised!

We meet with mission committees worldwide as they ask for help and advice to be effective as a committee.

Over the years we have worked much with them, since the world missions scene is constantly changing and responsibilities of committees expand.

I have written the following simple challenge to committee members to help them understand the importance of their job before accepting a position on a committee.

It may be a little outdated but would you mind commenting on it and add what is needed so I can share with others? Would it also be possible to send me your committee guidelines?


Suggestions Regarding “One Aspect” of the Job Description/Responsibilities of Church Mission Committee/Council Members:

It is a joy to meet, fellowship, plan and advise mission committees worldwide. Usually members are dedicated men and women of God who serve as volunteers to advance the Gospel to the nations.

It is discouraging sometimes, however, for missionaries on furlough/home assignment to meet with the mission committees of supporting churches and discover the members know little or nothing of the missionaries’ calling, history, life, family or ministry.

The missionaries are asked questions such as, “Where do you serve?” “Do you have children?” “How many?” “How long has our church supported you?” etc.

A missions committee should require certain things of their missionaries such as doctrinal integrity, regular communications, etc.

Equally important for the church leadership and elders is to have simple but important guidelines for each member serving on the missions committee.

As a start here are some vitally important responsibilities:

1. The know the testimony and history of each church-supported missionary.
2. To receive and read the regular prayer and ministry communication newsletters from each missionary.
3. To be familiar and current with the family (each child) of the missionary.
4. To commit to praying for each missionary.
5. To write the missionary regularly (every three months or so).
6. The committee should meet at least every other month to review the ministry of each missionary and to pray, plan, and make decisions for the advancement of world missions.

These are “simple suggestions” for churches and can be adjusted as needed.

Pastors’ Conference with Dr. Joe Lum

Pastor Joe teaching at a Pastors' Conference

Pastor Joe teaching at a Pastors’ Conference




with Dr. Joe Lum



Christian Growth Ministries and Grow International Ministries sponsored a one-day conference, “A Challenge for Ministerial Integrity,” on June 20, 2014 at The Bible League Office in Quezon City. The resource speaker of the conference was Dr. Joseph “Joe” Lum on the following topics:  The History of Pentecostal & Prosperity Gospel Movements; Teachings of the Health, Wealth & Prosperity Gospel Movement; Helping One Another: Biblical Counseling Foundations and How People Change. Dr. Lum was also joined by Mr. Robert Nichols of Grow International Ministries.

In attendance were 99 delegates from all around Metro Manila and nearby provinces such as Rizal, Bulacan and as far as Batangas City. For the topic, “Teachings of the Health, Wealth & Prosperity Movement,” Dr Joe Lum showed clips of well-known authors and speakers such as Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, TD Jakes, Paula White, David Yonggi Cho, Joseph Prince, Fredrick Price, Creflo Dollar and John Avanzini. He quoted their famous teachings and compared them to the Word of God. Dr. Lum also showed a video clip of a case study on “Arranged Marriage in India” and asked the participants for their opinions. In addition, he showed video clips of John Piper and John MacArthur’s messages and teachings.

During every session, Dr. Lum gave the participants a chance to ask questions and share their thoughts on the topic. He answered their questions and helped with further clarification.

During the afternoon session, the CGM Video Presentation was shown to introduce CGM ministries to the delegates.  Mr. Robby Nichols led an ice breaker and gave rewards to those who were able to answer the surprise questions. He also introduced the work of Grow International Ministries where he is presently involved.

Before the conference concluded, Ms. Rosely Fornoles, Executive Director of CGM, and Mr. Robby Nichols presented a plaque of appreciation to the speaker. Ms. Fornoles also gave some small appreciation gifts to Dr. Joe Lum.  Lito de Guzman gave awards to the delegates who arrived earliest and the delegates who traveled the farthest.

The following books courtesy of the speaker Dr. Joe Lum were distributed to the delegates after the seminar:  Essential Truths of the Christian Faith; Proclaiming a Cross-Centered Theology, Preaching the Cross; The Supremacy of God in Preaching; The Case For Faith etc… and a Video CD of the Strange Fire Conference by John MacArthur.

Prepared by:

Josephine F. Recare, CGM Literature Team Member

June 24, 2014                                          .