Obedience, Comfort, Heat and Traffic

One often hears from Christians, “Oh, I could never serve in that city or in that country” and then they list the reasons why. There are too many or too few people, it’s too cold or too hot, do not like large cities or small towns, too close or too far from malls. In other words, it seems as if one would only serve the Lord in a certain place if it is comfortable!

For example, the city of Manila: it is hot (today December 18, 2013), it is about 90 degrees with 100 % humidity), the traffic is the worst in the world (seems like there are 139 cars per inch), and it is the most densely populated world class city with a population of 20-25 million!

To reach this city with its teeming millions in slum areas, the millions of middle class, as well as the thousands and thousands of rich, may be difficult, expensive, and not very comfortable, but obedience to our Lord’s Great Commission to take the gospel to all is necessary whether being comfortable or not!