As Christians, let’s teach and practice modesty in how to dress

by Doug Nichols

I attended a memorial/funeral service recently and the dress of the attendees, even the elderly, was very embarrassing! Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy! People were dressed as though they were going to work in the garden. One woman even had a bright flowered sun dress that was very immodest.

Dressing neatly, tactfully and modestly shows respect for the people being honored at the memorial service, wedding, special occasion and so forth, and does not draw attention to oneself.

Often in attending a conference, instructions are included stating something like, “Dress will be business casual” or “Dress is formal.” Perhaps as Christians, we should add a note in our church bulletins, memorial services, special occasions or wedding announcements something like, “Please dress neat and modest as a testimony to Christ and respect to others.”