Are You Generous?

The Word of God says, “…blessed is he who is generous to the poor,” (Proverbs 14:21, esv).  It is interesting that the verse not only says to give to the poor, but to be generous!

A Norwegian missionary couple manages a guest house for their mission on a large island of the Philippines.  Someone from the USA sent $500 to help a very poor Christian family whom they had met previously build a small kitchen.

The missionary couple discovered the family living in a deplorable, filthy situation.  They did not just need a kitchen, but a safe, dry, and clean complete house for their six small children; two of whom were handicapped.  The Christian mother was raising and caring for all six without the support of a husband.  A simple house would cost nearly $4000.  How could this amount be provided? 

The missionary couple was not well-supported.  However, the wife reminded her husband that they had saved nearly $3500 for a trip to China that they had dreamt of for many years.  What was more important – a home for a mom and six needy children or a trip to China?  After praying, the Norwegian missionary couple took all their China trip fund and used it “generously” to build the house for the needy family.

What about you being generous today?  Will you and I just give to the poor or will we be generous as God has so richly blessed us with all things in Christ?  Why did He do this?  So that we might be generous to the poor in Christ’s Name for His glory!