Coming Through Clouds of Steam

My wife Margaret and I were students at Prairie Bible Institute (PBI) during the years of  1964 to 1967.  Prairie, located in Alberta, Canada, has freezing cold winters.   Under the various school sidewalks were steam tunnels from the boiler plant to various buildings.  These tunnels kept the sidewalks warm and clear from much snow and ice.  At various points along the sidewalks were several steam vents with clouds of vapor arising from these vents.  Often you could not see as you walked through these vapor clouds.  

One evening when Margaret was walking back to her dorm from student work, suddenly Mr. Maxwell, PBI President, appeared out of the steam on one of his evening walks.  He always wore a big furry coat, so coming out of the cloud he looked like a big bear!  Margaret was somewhat startled, and Mr. Maxwell, with a big smile, took her by the shoulders and said, “Are you are running on your own steam?”  With this he walked off laughing. 

One thing that Mr. Maxwell did not do was run on his own steam.  He was a man who ministered in the power of the Spirit.  When he spoke to students and others, we stood in his presence, not in fear, but from simple awe of being in the presence of this great man of God.