Everybody’s Mad

It seems like everyone is angry at something.  You get on the freeway, people are upset. You stop at the stop light and if you don’t move fast enough when the light changes, people blast the horn in anger.  People are upset in line at the grocery store.  People in restaurants are mad at the waitress.  People are upset everywhere! 

When you go to church, however, you expect people not to be angry, especially the pastor.  Recently here in Seattle, a pastor of a mega-church chewed out his people.  We had visitors from Canada and they wanted to hear this particular pastor.  They arrived early to the service and sat in the front row very excited to hear this pastor in person, but he too was mad!  They weren’t members of the church, but they still felt very uncomfortable, especially when the pastor said, “This church sucks!” No wonder they call this man “the angry, cussing pastor.”

As Christians, should we not have a different demeanor than the angry world?  Let us instead “…as those who have been chosen of God… put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Colossians 3:12, nasb).  So, even if we are in a church that sucks (whatever that means), we or in line at the store with a bunch of angry people, let us be kind and gracious looking for an opportunity to share the glorious Gospel of our kind Savior!