Friend to the Rescue

When our son, Robby, was in the ninth grade (age 14), he was on a Faith Academy outing to the seashore near Manila. Suddenly, two of Robby’s classmates were caught in an undertow and swept out to sea!

Robby and another boy dived into the water and swam out to rescue them. They approached one of the swimmers and Robby’s friend was able to take him to shore. Robby swam after the other one. When Robby reached him, the boy latched onto Robby in panic and both went underwater. Usually when this happens, both drown, but Robby, though small, was strong and, by the grace of God, was able to break away from his friend’s grasp.

As they both surfaced, he yelled to his friend, “You cannot do that or both of us will drown! Turn around and I will try to save you.”

Amazingly, the boy complied and although Robby was exhausted, he put his arm around the other boy and swam with him back to shore, saving his life.

Our son barely mentioned this to us, but soon we began to receive calls of appreciation from the school staff, teachers and especially the parents of the rescued boy. When we asked Robby about this later, he mentioned that in his devotions that very morning in the book of Psalms, he read that the psalmist David and others were constantly crying out to God for help. He said, “Mom and Dad, I was completely exhausted; there was no way I could swim any more, but I knew my friend would drown if I didn’t do something, so I simply and continually cried out to God, ‘Oh, please help!’ ”

Our prayer in every situation should be one of complete dependence on God for everything: “O God, please help me. Only by your grace and mercy can anything be accomplished in my life for your glory. Help me, O Lord, please help me!”