God’s Gift to Me of Cancer

Many years ago, I was driving with my son, Robby, and his brand-new finance and the gas tank was empty. I kept asking Robby to stop and get some gas, but he kept saying “Dad, I only use Chevron gas.” We kept driving, passing station after station, and I was really getting worried. Finally we found a Chevron. While Robby filled the car I went into the station to pay. The attendant noticed I was in pain and asked what was wrong. I thanked her for asking and explained that I was suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer. She asked if it was serious and I said that it was. “Oh,” she said, “I’m so sorry.”

“That’s okay,” I responded; “I do not enjoy cancer, or the pain, but I have to face the fact that I’m dying. However, when I do die, I’ll go to Heaven.” Then I asked politely, “Ma’am, when you die, will you go to Heaven?” “I think so, for I have a relationship with God,” she answered. “What kind of a relationship?” I asked. “well,” she continued, “I’m a recovering drug addict… heroin, cocaine… you name it, I’ve taken it; and without some help from above I wouldn’t be able to make it.”

“Would you like to know for sure you will go to Heaven?” I asked. “Yes, I would,” she answered. Other customers were arriving and the phone was ringing, so I quickly said, “You need to put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone gives salvation. Here is a booklet that will explain.” As she reached to pick up the phone, she thanked me and took the booklet. As we drove away, she was reading.

This quick three-minute conversation all happened as a result of my pain; as a result of cancer. This is one reason I can say that God, my Heavenly Father, has given me sickness-that He has “gifted me with cancer.” Yes, it is for His glory and for my good, but also that others may benefit from God’s mercy and grace as well… such as the woman at the Chevron station.