Homesick at Christmas in India

On Christmas Day in 1966 while serving with Operation Mobilisation (OM) in India, I was homesick for the holidays and family back home and missed my fiancé Margaret very much!

I was not well (had TB but did not know it yet), had no money, little food, on a small OM team, and in the middle of nowhere in India. One of the OM married couples from the US were so homesick they were in their room crying!

As we had no Christmas celebration planned, our Indian team members decided we should go to a few villages to present the Gospel.

The members of the small church where we were staying heard about our proposed ministry and 65 people showed up to help.  There were so many that we could hardly get all 65 in our OM literature truck; it would hardly move!

It was a joy accompanying Indian brothers and sisters from village to village in an old hot crowded truck to distribute Christian literature and preach the Gospel – the message of Christmas.

So what began as a sad, homesick day, ended as a glorious day!

So if you are away from family and friends this Christmas, don’t feel sorry for yourself, go to a restaurant, buy a meal for someone, and tell them of Christ!  Now, that would be Christmas!