Listen to the Children Laughing

There are few enjoyments that compare to hearing children laugh. 

Children laugh and smile when they are not in pain, hungry, or fearful.  Children cry when they are in pain, hungry, and fearful.

The joy of ministry to street children is hearing them laugh and seeing them play at a camp after a swim, wearing clean clothes, receiving medical care, having lots of food, and are shown love and compassionate care.

Jesus said not to hinder children from coming to Him (Matthew 19:14).  Although none of us would hinder a child from coming to Jesus, what are we doing to make it easy for them to come to Him to love and trust Him?

We can pray for children, send a street child to camp, purchase medical care, food, and clothing, and share the Gospel!  We can do all this not just to hear children laugh, but for the joy in Heaven when they come to faith in Christ.