Poor Leadership and Policies Cause Poor to Suffer


Thousands of children are starving, and millions are suffering throughout the world because of inept governmental leadership.  Many world leaders believe the lie that their position is for their enjoyment and comfort, not realizing that they have been put in leadership not to serve themselves, but to serve others.  Their policies, for their good, are being enacted that cause extreme financial difficulties for their own nation and other nations worldwide.

Even though global warming has proven to be false, millions of dollars were spent by government leaders to attend a conference in Copenhagen to discuss falsehoods.   And what about the fallacies of the misnamed health care bill?  Even the members of the US Senate and House who voted for the recent health bill know it is so bad that they, in order to get it passed, had to threaten, deceive and make many back room deals in order to get it passed. It is so bad they even voted to exempt themselves from it and choose completely different care.

It is called the bill that kills because of abortion and many who will wait ages to obtain health care. If it was such a good bill, why were many senators and members of congress paid off? It is not a bill of compassion, but of corruption and abortion!

Governments continue to enact extreme spending bills and policies which will cause millions to not have to lose their jobs and to suffer much economically.  In the future, therefore, less will be given to Christian and secular NGO organizations who work with, feed, and care for the poor worldwide.

It is a basic law (and a Biblical teaching) that leaders should not spend what they do not have.  Yet governments continue to take money which is not theirs and spend it, putting individuals and nations into extreme debt, affecting millions.

Is this the time that Satan, a liar and deceiver, has been released to encourage leaders to run amuck?  The Bible says, “. . . men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their DEEDS were evil” (John 3:19, nasb).  This sure seems to be the day!