Precis (paragraphs)

Precis #1

There were screams of laughter as they dropped the plump round gal in the snow. What was I to do? She looked awfully embarrassed trying to roll out of the flaky-like soup that engulfed her.

“May I help you?”

“No! I can get out by myself”.

“Yes, I see. I can at least hold your books”

“Why don’t you just leave?”

“Because I don’t want to read in the paper tomorrow that some girl froze to death in a snow-bank”.

Precis #2

Probably no man of this century who has written on Christian subjects, has been so praised as has Albert Schweitzer. In his book “Quest for the Historical Jesus”, (“Referred to as modern Messiah”) written fifty years ago, he declares Jesus as mistaken in His prophetic utterance, and that there is little known about Him historically, etc. He scarcely mentions our Lord’s death and resurrection. Since then his writings have had fewer references to Jesus and his recent ones do not even mention God.

Dr. Schweitzer is believed to be pantheist and Dr. Langfeldt frankly admits that Schweitzer is an agnostic, not believing in the person of God or that Jesus was the Son of God. His god to the universal will to live. “Prayer… way to attain peace” (His is the belief of this great, eighty- five year old man).” No further comment …  necessary.”

Precis #3

On Sunday, February 24, as Rev. Paul Keita and two other men walked onto a “Y” intersection on a street in Kissidougen, a (large) truck barreled down upon them. The two men somehow escaped, but Pastor Paul could not. Surprisingly, he jumped up and grabbed onto the truck, but being his grip he fell, the truck’s front and back wheels passing directly over his thighs (yet a few seconds later he miraculously sat upright).

He was rushed to the hospital where an examination showed no broken bones and only superficial bruises, though the examining nurse said that such a case was impossible.

Despite protests, the pastor returned to his home immediately, where after spending a fairly good night, stood up unassisted and walked about. The incident has been the talk of Kissidougen and the surrounding area.

Precis #4

The Philistines mustered its forces to wage battle against Israel. They gathered upon a mountain and Israel on another with the Elah valley in Judah between them. Goliath of Gath, a giant over nine feet tall, (heavily armed) came forward from the Philistine army. He then defiled the army of Israel to send forth a man to challenge him in battle, and if the Israelite slew him, then the Philistines would be their slaves; but if he slew the Israelites, then Israel would be slaves to the Philistines. All of Israel was alarmed and fearful at such a challenge.

Man of the Year

Each year, reader of TIME suggest a “man of the year”, being the one who has most influenced events during that year.

We think that this is dubious for it is beyond the power of a human to pick such a one. These selections are made from worldly achievements assuming a place in the hall of fame. The selection of the world (“wisdom of the world not true … rather is absurd”) does not correspond with the true history (“true history … unseen and unknown … hosts of men and women by prayers pre inscribing on eternity”) that God is writing. Let us never forget, that God sees not as man; but He calls man’s wisdom foolishness, and considers a prayer more able to influence history, than one that would adorn the cover of TIME.