Personal Prayers from Colossians

by Terry Gooding

1. Lord God, help us to remember to give thanks to You, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in all things and to maintain and attitude of prayer (1:3).

2. Build in us a strong faith in You and a love for all the saints (1:4).

3. Fill us with the knowledge of Your will in all areas of our life (1:9).

4. Teach us to walk in a manner worthy of You and to please you in all things (1:10).

5. Help us to bear fruit daily in the work we do and increase in the knowledge of You (1:10).

6. Help us to be strengthened with Your power that we may have endurance and patience (1:11).

7. Help us to always remember that, as a believer, we have been delivered from darkness and brought into the kingdom of Your beloved Son (1:13).

8. We pray that You will have first place in everything in our life (1:18).

9. Father, we ask You to make our faith strong, stable, and fixed on the truth of the gospel (1:23).

10. Please knit our hearts together in love with other believers in the body of Christ (2:2).

11. Create in us good discipline and stability of faith in You (2:5).

12. Cause us to be firmly established in You, with a heart of gratitude (2:7).

13. Thank You, Lord, that through Your Son we have been made complete (2:10).

14. Teach us to keep seeking the things above, where Christ is seated at Your right hand. (3:1).

15. Help us to focus our thought on Your purposes and not on worldly situations (3:2).

16. Please turn us away from all immorality, passion, greed, and idolatry (3:5).

17. Cause us to put aside anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech from our mouths (3:8).

18. Help us to be always honest toward others (3:9).

19. We pray that our life will have compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience (3:12).

20. Give us a forgiving heart and patience with others remembering how You have forgiven them. (3:13).

21. Please help us choose to have a heart of love, which is perfect bond of unity (3:14).

22. We pray that Your peace will rule our heart (3:15).

23. We pray that Your Word will dwell richly within us (3:16).

24. Help us, as a wife, to give honor and respect to our husband (3:18).

25. Help us, as a husband and father, to grow in love for and understanding of our wife and children (3:19-21).

26. We pray that our children will be obedient to us as parents in all things because this pleases You (3:20).

27. In whatever we do, show us how to perform our work happily for You, rather than for people (3:23).

28. Help us to devote ourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it, with an attitude of thanksgiving (4:2).

29. Teach us to be wise and to make the most of every opportunity to share the gospel with those we meet (4:5).

30. Fill all the words we speak with grace, so that we edify the people in our lives (4:6).

31. Lord, help us to be faithful to whatever You have called us to, and help us fulfill it in faithfulness (4:17).
Excerpted from Pray! Magazine issue #22