I’m Glad They Didn’t Quit

Recent I have been rereading the exciting, convicting mission history of the story of the Africa Inland Mission, We Felt Like Grasshoppers by Dick Anderson.

When the mission stated in the late 1800’s, of the first 16 missionaries to Africa, 3 died, 5 were invalided home, and the remaining 8 left the mission; leaving no missionaries!

It would have been very easy for the Philadelphia home council to have dissolved the mission, but they didn’t. The Council appointed one of it’s members as General Director who then took his family of six to Africa. In his life time God enabled him to build AIM to over 200 missionaries (presently AIM has over 1200).

May those of us in ministry these days not give up when there are difficulties, especially when there is a world to reach with the gospel of Christ!