Retiring from ACTION, but Not from Full-time Ministry

This is to announce that, after much thought and prayer (especially over the last eight years), the Lord has led Margaret and me into a season of transition in our senior years toward a new venture in missions.

I stepped out of the International Director’s position of ACTION six years ago, ACTION leadership is in place on all fields, and we have moved out of all leadership responsibilities. It is, therefore, the Lord’s time for us to phase out of ministry (retire from ministry with ACTION) to a larger international missions outreach beginning this year October 1.

We will devote ourselves full time (in our senior years) to be Global Missions Advocates/Facilitators to represent “missions in general” to the evangelical church worldwide. We will continue to work in ministering to the “Diaspora,” pastoral leadership development, mentoring of leadership in missions, and as advocates for street children and orphans.

We will also continue to serve with key ministries and missions in these areas — ministries we have helped build and/or networked with for many years: Christian Growth Ministries (Philippines), Filipino International Network, Global Diaspora Network, Trainers of Pastors International Coalition (to untrained pastors), Grow International Ministries, and others.

Our sponsoring “service” mission agency will be Commission to Every Nation (CTEN USA and Canada), a “networking and service” mission working internationally with many evangelical churches, missions and ministries “to help Christians become personally involved in fulfilling the Great Commission to every nation.” As a service mission, CTEN presently handles receipting and pastoral care for 450 missionaries.

The following statement is by the ACTION International Council comprised of country directors and Board chairmen:

“We praise God for Doug and Margi Nichols and their 39 years of leadership and sacrificial service with ACTION.  Over the past few years, God has been stirring the Nichols’ heart to transition and invest their gifts and mission experiences in the larger cause of worldwide outreach in general. We thank the Lord for Doug and Margi Nichol’s inspirational leadership and bless them as they pursue God’s leading.”  

To emphasize again, even though we are retiring from ACTION, we are NOT retiring from full-time ministryAs the Lord leads, we would, therefore, ask that you prayerfully consider supporting Margaret and me as your “international missionaries.”

Our ministry and responsibilities are not lessening, but expanding!  As always, we still need to trust the Lord for all monthly support for our personal needs as well as ministry expenses which include support of our staff, mission travel and other ministry expense.  I will retain two of the Founder’s Office staff and continue to cover their salary from our support and ministry income, as long as we are able and there is a need.

We want to express our appreciation and care for our ACTION family and the 39 years we have served together, and trust that the mission will continue to expand as they minister worldwide.

” . . . for a wide door for effective service has opened to [us], and there are many adversaries . . . Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men [be mature], be strong.  Let all that you do be done in love” (1 Corinthians 16:9, 13-14, nasb).

Thank you for your prayer for Margaret and me as we continue to move forward in faith in our senior years with the gospel, discipleship, and compassion to the masses of the world.

Sincerely in Christ (and still serving fulltime in ministry),

Doug (and Margaret) Nichols

Global Missions Advocate/Facilitator & ACTION Founder

July 25, 2013