Church Matters

Articles and information on matters in the church:

5 Principles of Evangelical Religion by J.C. Ryle

6 Reasons to be a Faithful Member of a Local Church by Paul Tautges

10 Serious Problems with Jesus Calling

10 Things You Should Know About Church Discipline by Jonathan Leeman

10 Things You Should Know about Grieving People by Nancy Guthrie

10 Things You Should Know About the Lord’s Supper from 1 Cor. 11:23-24 by Sam Storms

10 Things You Should Know about Open Theism by Sam Storms

10 Things You Should Know about Youth Ministry by Cameron Cole, Jon Nielson

Biblical Eldership Resources

Can a Non-Christian Play in a Worship Band?

Can Christian Organizations Speak Regarding Political Issues? — Yes!

Church Greeters by Stewart Brown

The Christian and Politics by James Emery White

Corrective Love

Five “Fake News” Stories That People Believe about Early Christianity

Former Benedictine Monk Reflects Upon Rod Dreher’s “The Benedict Option”

Free or Discounted Getaways for Pastors from Ed Stetzer

Halloween and the Dark Side — What Should Christians Think? by Dr. Albert Mohler

Healing: Jesus and the Multitudes

How Often Should the Lord’s Supper/Communion Be Observed? from

How should a Christian mother pray with her unbelieving children? by Brian Croft

How to Take Communion

Is Homosexual Practice No Worse Than Any Other Sin? by Dr. Robert Gagnon

Is the Reformation Over? by Tim Challies

In Pursuit of Christian Womanhood

Lift the Heavy Burden of Shame by Dave Harvey

May I Participate in the Lord’s Supper? by James Elliff & Daryl Wingerd

Miraculous Healing: Does God Heal Today? by Josh Buice

Praying for the Church

The Dangers of Open Theism by Tim Chaffey

The Essential: The Church by Tim Challies

The Folly of Fallible Prophets

The Most Common Reasons Pastors Fall by Tom Parr

The Need for Church Bookstores by Dr. James E. White

Qualifications of an Elder from Christ Fellowship Elders

Rome versus the Bible by Evangelist Mike Gendron

Should Christians Attend Gay Weddings by Randy Alcorn

Should We Equate Homosexual and Heterosexual Sin? by Rick Phillips

Songs of Zion — Music & Worship from IgniteUs, Inc.

The Three Forms of Unity (The Confessions of Faith)

Theistic Evolution ( A Joint Paper) by Lambert & Perkins

Very Wise Counsel for Pastors & Missionaries by James Meikle

When Prevention Fails: A Sexual Abuse Policy for Churches from Church Resources

Response Plan for Sexual Abuse Against a Minor @ XYZ Church

What’s at Stake? The Gospel is at Stake from Tim Challies

What’s Wrong with Wright: Examining the New Perspective on Paul by Phil Johnson

When Your Congregation Isn’t Singing: 15 Questions

Why a “Paper” Bible is Better than a Bible App at Church Meetings by Steve Burchett

Why Rock Star Worship Leaders Are Getting Fired by Don Chapman

Women Preaching by Eric Davis

Worship in Song: What Guidelines Does Your Church Use in Music by Alistair Begg