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$7 for a Glass of Wine

31 Reasons Why God’s People Should Give Thanks

2002 World Series: San Francisco Giants vs. Anaheim Angels

A Few Suggestions Regarding “One Aspect” of the Job Description/Responsibilities of Church Mission Committee/Council Members

A Few Facebook Posts for Your Info

A One-horse Operation

A Rat Attack

A Slap in the Face

A Two A.M. Goodbye

Admonish Who? Or I’m Certainly Not Going to Say Anything!

Advice to New Missionaries

Another Famous Charles

Are Older People Useful in Missions?

Are Ten “Lickins” Enough?

Are We to be Rude to and Despise Others?

Are You a Sleeping or Sleepless Shepherd?

Are You About Through?

Are You Cowardly?

Are You Easily Offended?

Are You Generous?

Are You into Fads?

As a Christian, Do You Walk Around Naked?

Be Careful How You Dress — You Re Not Going to the Beach!

Bibles Before Bullets

Blood and Money

Blood on the Floor and Pigs Running Wild!

Blooming Their Little Hearts Out

Border Guards Opened Wrong Bags!

Can Kindly (Do you fire graciously, or as the world?)

Can You Stay on Your Horse?

Can’t Do Anything?

Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters

Chance Meeting After 15 Years

China’s “Little Woman”

Coffee, Cup of Tea, or a Glass of Wine?

Coffee Must Be Bad in Seattle

Coming Through Steam Clouds

Death of Father (we can trust God, even in death)

Do Hard Hearts Glorify God?

Do We Look (Act) Like Jesus?

Do You Have to be Filipino to be Nice?

Do You Work with Humble Servants?

Does a Little Matter?

Does It Bother You?

Does It Pay to Cuss and Criticize or to Encourage?

Does the Way We Dress Show Respect?

Doing the Wrong Thing

Double Barrel: Sharing the Gospel with an Atheist and a Hindu at the Same Time!

Doug’s Diary (1996)

Dr. James Boice

Embarrassed Without Notes

Embracing Reproof Joyfully

Encouragement from Ecclesiastes in Fear

Enjoying Great Art

Everybody’s Mad

Experience in Olongapo

Experiences in Goma Zaire with Rwandan Refugees

Faith Academy Graduation Message by Doug Nichols

Fear That I have Experienced

First Day with the Refugees

First Fruits to Prisoners

Francis Schaeffer Slept Here

Friend to the Rescue

From the Cold North to the Tropic Philippines

George Verwer — You Owe Me Big Time!

Global Trafficking 

God Works through Trouble

God’s Abundant Lovingkindnesses

God’s Gift to Me of Cancer

God’s Gifts That We Take for Granted

Going to Hell