Articles by Doug [Titles P – Z]

Painfully Walking to Church or Is It a Sin to Miss Church?

Pastor, Is Your Church Friendly?

Pastor Shadora

Paying to be Re-baptized

Poor Leadership and Policies Cause the Poor to Suffer

Précis (paragraphs)

Questions to Ask a Missionary

Quit Complaining and Get to It (A Tribute to Bill Clark)!

Reading the Puritans

Reggie Jackson, Willie Mays, and Pastor Siodora

Sample Worship Service

Seeing Beyond the Horizon

Selling All Possessions, but Nobody Buys

Should We Cuss in Church?

Should We Take a Step Back?

Slapped in Texas (Momma Wasn’t Racist)!

Slavery Was Not Cost Effective

So Much to Do, So Little Time, Ability, Money, and Personnel

Socialism Defined

Southern Cooking and Street Children

Still Alive But Not Kicking

Suggested Guidelines for New Missionaries_121417

Street Boy Becomes Academic Dean

Thanks, Mister, for Talking to Me

The Art of Learning

The Champions of the Little League World Series

The Choice Is Yours

The Express

The Gospel is not Word and Deeds, But Word Only!

The Kiss of a Godly Man

The Lord Says Pray Believing

The Poor, Abortion, and War

The Price of Christmas

The Public Reading of God’s Word

They Are Nice to Me Here

Things That Bother Me …

Those Who Have “Cut Coal”

Three months to live

Tradition or Obedience?

Tribute to L.E. Maxwell

Useless or Strategic Ministry?

Ushers, Get the Plates!

Using Music to Truly Worship and Teach God’s Word

We Might Be of Some Good to Others

We Must Care for Our Children

We Play Hurt

We Walk by Faith

What? $2.55 for a Little Cup of Lemonade?

What a Great Way to Wake Up

What About the Hidden People?

What Does Scrooge Have to Do With Christmas?

What is the Biggest Road Block for Effective Ministry Today?

What is the Social Gospel?

What is Wrong With Working Through the Night?

What Kind of Reputation Do You Have?

What People Spend Money On!

What Pictures Do You Have on Your Wall and Whom Do You Pray For?

What Would They Say About You?

What Would We Ever Do Without Our Friends?

What Would You Do?

What’s Happening in American Churches?

Where are missions and older missionaries headed?

Where Are the Missionaries?

Where has all the music gone?

Whitefield on Orphans

Who is Waiting for You?

Who in the World is a Local Goddess?

Why are we not more friendly and kind to others?

Why Do We Perpetuate Lies and Untruth?

Why Does God Allow So Many of His Children to be Poor?

Why the Music Battle?

Witnessing in a Manila Garbage Dump

Witnessing in a TB Sanitarium (India)

You Are My Hero

You Are Not Very Smart, Are You?

You First or Others?

You Talk A Lot, How’s Your Walk?

You’re Just an Ugly, Old Woman