So Many Financial Needs, Is It Okay for Missionaries to Speak of Finances?


The Apostle Paul spoke of financial needs and challenged – even rebuked – Christians regarding funds needed for ministry, not for himself but for the work of God!

Missionary John Paton of the New Hebrides traveled throughout England and Scotland speaking in large and small Christian gatherings “specifically to raise funds” for a sailing vessel to travel from island to island with the Gospel. When Paton spoke at a small gathering at the home of the famous C.H. Spurgeon, Mrs. Spurgeon gave funds from the profit of the cows she raised!

George Whitfield, the preacher of the Great Awakening revival in the US, after preaching the Gospel at large outdoor meetings, would take an offering for his orphanage!

The famous Benjamin Franklin, listening to Whitfield in Philadelphia, even borrowed money from a friend standing nearby in order to give more in the offering after he had given all he had with him.

God works His will through His people! He answers prayer through the generosity of His people! He informs His people of financial needs and opportunities through the information provided by missionaries.

So when you read and hear of financial needs, don’t get upset at missionaries for sharing them, but prayerfully consider helping as the Lord leads!

In ministry with the poor these 47 years, my wife Margaret and I receive many, yes very many, requests for assistance. We simply seek to do what the Lord leads to help other missionaries and mission projects worldwide. What a joy and privilege!

Someone said, “You can’t take it with you to Heaven, but you can send it on ahead!”