Is the Day of Sending Missionaries Over …?

Is the Day of Sending Missionaries Over (when there are so many needs locally)?

The church has been called to take the good news (Gospel) to all the world, not just locally but worldwide, “to those around us as well as beyond us!”

Recently it was a joy and challenge to read a very old book printed in the 1930’s, “Band of Soldiers for War!” by Chinese evangelist Andrew Gih of the Bethel Evangelistic Band of China. What a great, exciting book, but very convicting!

On pages 60-61 is the story of how the leaders of Bethel were requested (begged) to send an evangelist to Java and Borneo and a young graduate John Chang volunteered. However, there were critics who said (as they do today), “Why should we send a missionary to Java and use our money for this purpose when we have so many needs at home and so many desperate needs all about us?” But the triumphant answer from the enthusiastic church members was given, “Because Jesus said, ‘Go into all the world,’ and Bethel is going to do what Jesus said!”

The next sentence says, “Mr Chang sailed for Java” and as a result many came to salvation in Christ!