Job Description of a Church Missions Committee


JUST THINKING:‘A Few Suggestions Regarding “One Aspect” of the Job Description/Responsibilities for Church Mission Committee/Council Members’ by Doug Nichols

Over the years we have met with mission committees as they have asked for help and advice to be effective as a committee, especially since the world missions scene is constantly changing and responsibilities of committees expand.

I have written the following simple challenge to committee members to help them understand the importance of their job ‘before’ accepting a position on a committee.


Suggestions Regarding “One Aspect” of the Job Description/Responsibilities of Church Mission Committee/Council Members:

It is a joy to meet, fellowship, plan and advise mission committees worldwide. Usually members are dedicated men and women of God who serve as volunteers to advance the Gospel to the nations.

It is discouraging sometimes, however, for missionaries on furlough/home assignment to meet with the mission committees of supporting churches and discover the members know little or nothing of the missionaries’ calling, history, life, family or ministry.

The missionaries are asked questions such as, “Where do you serve?” “Do you have children?” “How many?” “How long has our church supported you?” etc.

A missions committee should require certain things of their missionaries such as doctrinal integrity, regular communications, etc.

Equally important for the church leadership and elders is to have simple but important guidelines for each member serving on the missions committee.

As a start here are some vitally important responsibilities:

  1. The know the testimony and history of each church-supported missionary.
  2. To receive and read the regular prayer and ministry communication newsletters from each missionary.
  3. To be familiar and current with the family (each child) of the missionary.
  4. To commit to praying for each missionary.
  5. To write the missionary regularly (every three months or so).
  6. The committee should meet at least every other month to review the ministry of each missionary and to pray, plan, and make decisions for the advancement of world missions.

These are “simple suggestions” for churches and can be adjusted as needed.