Pastor, Is Your Church Friendly?

Excuse me for asking this, Pastor, but if someone visits your church for the first time, are they greeted, spoken to and welcomed? Would they return a second time to hear the Word preached because your church was friendly? If not, perhaps the fault lies at your church with you!

You, with the elders and leaders of the church, are responsible to teach and especially to set the example of compassionate care, kindness, gentleness (Colossians 3:12) in being friendly and welcoming to all especially newcomers!

If your church is not a godly example in this area of kindness and welcoming, then speak to the issue and teach on biblical hospitality. Set the example. Make it a church-wide project for all ages to the glory of God.

Organize several welcome teams at each door of the church on Sunday mornings to greet people coming through the doors. Have these welcoming teams introduce visitors to others, the leaders, and you.

If done well, have a 5-6 minute greeting time in the service (the time of a regular song). This will allow everyone time to circulate through the congregation greeting friends, and others of God’s people, and visitors. Don’t embarrass them with name tags or to stand up, etc. but KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

If a meal or refreshments is served, have several care for and eat with newcomers. Show hospitality!!!

We heard of a Christian couple who visited a Bible-teaching church, and, afterwards the wife said in sadness, “I would feel very hesitant in inviting anyone to that church. It is so very unfriendly!”

Was this your church?