Expendable! (The Story of Prairie Bible Institute) by Phillip Keller

It was encouraging to read again recently this excellent book (which is out of print and was published in 1966) on the history of Prairie Bible Institute (PBI) which began in 1922.

Margaret and I very much enjoyed our three and four years at PBI, 1963-67. The discipline, study in the Word, sacrificial lifestyle of the faculty and staff (all shared equally monthly what came in for them averaging about $25), mission emphasis and conferences, etc. The simple schedule in the Word and discipleship was greatly used of God in our lives!

There were about 1000 students there during our time! We were all expected to live on campus, be in every class, be at each meal with assigned seating, attend chapel daily, work 10.5 weekly to help keep costs down, lights out at 10:00. As the scholastic schedule was only seven months long, this allowed for five months of work to earn enough to completely cover school expenses for the next year. A long summer also allowed time to serve in summer Bible camps, our local church, etc. Our annual school expenses were only $350 which included books, room, board, and tuition — all expenses!

Could there be a school like this today following the same principles of sacrifice, self-denial and discipline?