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29 Reasons Why God’s People Can Give Thanks

31 Days in Proverbs

31 Days in Step with Christ with Oswald Chambers

125 Quotes and Illustrations

A Study of Fools, Fool, and Foolish in Proverbs

Adoption Agencies and Ministries to Orphans compiled by Kim Craig

Adoption Agencies and Ministries to Orphans 2014

Bible Schools & Colleges Under $20,000 Annually

Bible Study on Prayer by Doug Nichols

Book Quotes (Alphabetical)

Book Quotes (by Category)

Building World Vision by Paul Borthwick

The First Thanksgiving taken from “The Light & the Glory” by Peter Marshall

God Has Blessed the World with People from the Philippines Everywhere

God Has Blessed the World with People from the Philippines Everywhere short version

Guidelines for Conference Speakers in the Philippines 2014

Homosexuality Marriage & The Bible I

Homosexuality Marriage & The Bible II

How the Bible Came to the Philippines by Frank Laubach

How to Teach & Preach Effectively from the Word of God by Pastor Gary Smith

Items Needed to Encourage Needy Pastors in the Philippines 2016

Jesus Through the Bible by Dr. Philip Ryken

List of Items Needed for Jabez Christian School Redemptio Christian School and Tarlits’ Ministry in the Philippines

Ministries to Orphans by country 512

CTEN’s Missions 101 Booklet by Rick Malm

Nichols brochure 2018

Nichols’ Seminars

Orphanages Can Be Greatly Used by God

Christian Children’s Home pdf format

Pray for Missionaries: Seven Prayer Tools from the Apostle Paul

Questions God (Father and Son) Asks Man

Questions to Ask a Missionary half sheet

Quotes to Encourage and Challenge by L.E. Maxwell

Rome versus the Bible by Mike Gendron

Sample Worship Service

Scripture Topics

Socially Smart in 60 Seconds: Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts for Personal & Professional Success by Deborah Smith Pegues

Some of Today’s Most Helpful Mission Books

Ten Urgent Needs for Additional Missionaries Worldwide (text)

Ten Urgent Needs for Additional Missionaries Worldwide (infographic)

The Christian Wedding in a Changing World (from Chapel Library) pdf.

The Old Testament in 10 Minutes + the New Testament in 10 Minutes

The Pastoral Ministry by John Richard

Theology Made Simple

Three Victories in Trials

Through The Bible In One Year Compiled by Doug Nichols_2013 version

Timeline of Great Missionaries and Christians 11-20

Understanding Homosexuality Balancing Truth and Grace

Unlikely Candidates for Success by Harold Sala

Verses on Fear of God/the Lord

Which is Best Bible School 2019

Who qualifies to be a church leader? from Radio Bible Class