Double Barrel: Sharing the Gospel with an Atheist and a Hindu at the Same Time!

I was at the Post Office, which is always very busy, and on this day, there were about 25 people in line to get customer service. People seemed to be in a grumpy mood as there were only 2 to 5 clerks at the counter.

When I got near to the head of the line, I spoke to an Indian Hindu gentleman from northern India who was very shy. He had only been in the States for a few months and as I chatted with him for a few minutes, the large man behind me asked, “Are you some kind of a preacher or something?”

I was surprised by his question, but said, “I do speak from the Word of God from time to time.”

The large man almost stopped me in mid-sentence with the response, “I was a Christian, but now I’m an atheist.”

I quickly answered to my own amazement, “Oh, that’s too bad. The Bible says if you knew God and turn away from Him, there is no hope.”

He was shocked at my answer and said, “I don’t have anything to do with the Catholic church now, but I know a Catholic priest in Bangkok who works amongst the poor, and he is a good man.”

I continued, “The Bible says about Jesus that He went about doing good. For Jesus, doing good showed He was a godly man, but because of His miracles and His messages He showed He was the Messiah sent from God. He taught something very special. All of us are good, but goodness does not get us to heaven. Jesus said, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (goes to Heaven) except through Me.’”

It was amazing the man behind me did not interrupt me; however, I noticed the Hindu man leaned closer and closer to hear more.

After I briefly shared the gospel, a clerk said, “Next,” and the Hindu man went up to the counter. The conversation then ended as I was next in line.

It was amazing to me to have this very short conversation. Margaret and I pray each morning to be kind, loving and considerate to others. These traits are helpful, but they are not the Gospel. I prayed specifically that morning before going on errands, that the Lord would help me with my shyness and fear and actually share the Gospel with someone.

My, oh my! He certainly answered! May our wonderful Lord’s Name be praised!